Reduce time it gets spent in email back and forth to schedule meeting with FreeBusy
Share your availability with just a link without you doing any manual work of finding available times to meet.
Schedule meeting on behalf of your boss/colleague without looking at the details of the calendar
FreeBusy's scheduling on behalf of feature allows your to schedule meeting for your colleague without you needing to look at their personal calendar data.
Share your availability of your boss/colleague to allow others to schedule meeting with them
You can create and manage booking page of your colleague without them needing to do any work. Simply ask them to signup for FreeBusy and setup their work hours.
Convert website traffic into discovery calls
With help of FreeBusy embedded booking page you can help your website visitors to easily schedule meeting with you.
Schedule and manage meetings at the conference
A guide to scheduling at conference.
How to easily schedule meetings while traveling across timezones?
Setup your availability to pre-book yourself for the business travel in same or different timezone.
How to check meetings scheduled for a booking page?
See all the meetings you and your colleagues have scheduled for a booking page.
How to use email marketing campaign and seminars to capture leads
FreeBusy can help you capture leads and schedule meeting easily with them to further increase chances of conversion.
Facilitate meeting among your client and your team and close your deals quickly.
Arrange meetings among your team and your clients to close deals much faster.