When you send email marketing campaigns you can invite your leads to attend an informative seminar or session. This way you can increase chance of lead getting converted. FreeBusy can help you easily capture these leads by allowing them to reserve a spot for your seminar.

Host an informative session/seminar with FreeBusy

How to allow multiple people to sign up for a same time.
A step-by-step guide to learn how to use signup sheet.

You can append your any booking link with participant_name and participant_email parameters like following to personalize the booking links:

https://freebusy.io/book-my-time/meeting-with-expert?participant_name=person&[email protected]

This way when person clicks on the booking link, their name and email will be prefilled in booking form. Your marketing tool can help you with this.

Tip: Make sure you include link with an attractive and eye-catching CTA encouring your leads to schedule meeting.

Downloading guest list (leads) from Calendar

You can now download list of all people who reserved the spot. As you know that these people are interested in your business you can then reach out to them further to turn them into customers.

How to download guest list from my signup sheet?
From calendar download list of people who signed up for the event.