Preet Shah

Get more work done using automated scheduling on behalf of your boss
As an executive assistant, you could be spending 1-2 hours everyday scheduling meetings for your boss. FreeBusy helps you automate scheduling to let you use those hours every week to get rest of your work done smoothly
Coordinate meetings on behalf of an executive without having to go through threads of email exchange
Scheduling group meetings for executives is one of the most common tasks executive assistants have to deal with everyday. FreeBusy makes it 10x faster to coordinate meeting on behalf of your executive with meeting polls
Setup a 1:1 phone call or a meeting between your manager and external people without email back-and-forth
Executive assistant's often end up spending their entire day in email back-and-forth trying to schedule meetings. FreeBusy can help them free up their day to focus on several other responsibilities.
Empower hiring managers to schedule their own interviews easily
Hiring Managers usually depend on recruiters to setup interviews with candidates. But using automated scheduling themselves, they can drastically reduce the recruitment cycle and find the candidate much faster
Streamline scheduling of 1:1 interviews using appointment booking page
Automated scheduling of 1:1 interviews can help you as a recruiter save 1-2 hours everyday. All you need is a tool like FreeBusy that helps you share an appointment booking page where candidates self-schedule based on your preferences
Make it easy for candidates to pick a time and connect with you during sourcing on LinkedIn
Sourcing on LinkedIn has become quite competitive as every recruiter is trying to reach out to as many potential candidates as they can. FreeBusy allows candidates a way to connect with you in under 60 seconds.
Distribute phone screening calls between your team of recruiters
Phone screening calls are to identify candidates you are sure aren't going to make the final cut. And so if you could figure out a way to work together as a team, it can help to go through all the candidates as quickly as possible.
Schedule panel interviews with candidates without email back and forth
Panel interviews are great but come with a lot of overhead and challenges in terms of scheduling them. FreeBusy takes all the workload off your shoulders and get panel interviews scheduled in under 60 seconds.
Reduce the time it takes to coordinate a meeting between hiring manager and a candidate
FreeBusy helps you eliminate the email back-and-forth required to find the time to schedule an interview between the candidate and hiring manager. Quantitatively speaking, you as recruiter would save yourself from 8-10 email exchanges with each candidate