A number of recruiting teams we spoke to shared that in most of their teams today, a recruiter is assigned the responsibility to coordinate and schedule the interviews between a candidate and the hiring manager. While it may sound an easy task, it gets quite complicated and frustrating depending on how busy the hiring manager is.

In such situations, having a tool like FreeBusy can help you save a ton of time from your workflow

In absence of FreeBusy, often as a recruiter you may end up in situations where, by the time the candidate confirms their availability for a time slot, the hiring manager is no longer available. You then have to go back to the candidate and figure out a new time. Such back-and-forth takes up time for everyone involved: yourself, hiring manager and the candidate.

Wouldn't it be so much better if the candidate is automatically able to pick slots when the hiring manager is truly available (checked in real-time)? In fact it would eliminate all the back-and-forth and save a ton of time for everyone.

All you need to do is ask the hiring manager to sign up to FreeBusy and connect all their calendar with FreeBusy. This would ensure that FreeBusy never allows a candidate to pick a time when the hiring manager is not available. This is because FreeBusy always checks all the connected calendars to understand the combined availability and show only the free times available. Let's look at the workflow below to understand more

The automated scheduling workflow:

When a hiring manager signs up with FreeBusy, it automatically creates some appointment booking pages for the hiring manager. They can then:

  1. Use the default appointment types created by FreeBusy or create a custom appointment type
  2. Restrict the schedule to certain blocks of hours in a day or select some very specific time slots when they would like to schedule the interview
  3. Connect a web conferencing tool and set it as the location incase of a virtual interview
  4. Limit the number of days in future that the candidate can select from to ensure interviews are scheduled not too far away in future.
  5. Share the link to the appointment booking page with the recruiter (during initial stages) and later with the candidate directly for further interviews

Advantage: Hiring Manager does not need any support from a recruiter to schedule interviews with candidates once they move past the screening stage

Requirement: Hiring Manager would need to invest some time setting up FreeBusy to make the most out of the tool's capabilities

This way, candidates can easily see the hiring manager's availability and self-schedule. It can reduce the recruitment cycle by a couple of weeks by saving several hours of work across each stages of the process.

Try it for yourself and see the results from day one!