People often underestimate the job of an executive assistant. Many people out there also feel, well how hard can it be, all you have to do is answer some calls, respond to some emails. But I know nothing could be further away from truth. After interacting with several executive assistants and observing their day-to-day work, I can say for sure that it takes a highly skilled multi-tasker to manage all the chaos that comes with the job.

But one more thing that stood out in our interaction with executive assistants, was that you could be spending nearly ~2 hours in trying to coordinate and schedule meetings. And if we could save you all the manual work and eliminate the email back-and-forth to a great extent, I am sure it would make your day so much better. That's where FreeBusy comes in. FreeBusy is an A.I. scheduling assistant to help you coordinate and schedule meetings on behalf of your boss without the manual back-and-forth over emails and calls.

Coordinate meetings for your boss 10x faster

So how does FreeBusy help you get more work done?

FreeBusy can help you automate scheduling of a variety of meetings on behalf of your boss. In the process it eliminates the need for you to correspond and maintain long threads of email conversations trying to find a time and schedule meetings. Let us consider the following scenarios to help you better understand how easy your life would become once you start using FreeBusy.

Scenario 1: You want to schedule a 1:1 virtual meeting between your executive and an external person

FreeBusy allows you to share a link of a booking page that has been setup for a 30-min or a 60-min call over a web conferencing service. When the external person opens the link, they can see when the executive is available (you can have it limited to only show 1 week in the future) and pick a time that is convenient for them.

When they propose a meeting, it automatically gets added to your executive's calendar and FreeBusy even communicates with the integrated web-conferencing service on the executive's behalf to add a virtual session for the meeting. The invite too gets sent out automatically.

Effort needed: All you had to do was share the correct link on behalf of your boss.

Scenario 2: You want to schedule a group meeting between your executive and a group of internal and external stakeholders

The Outlook add-in or the Gmail add-on from FreeBusy makes it easy for you to check your executive's availability when writing an email to schedule the group meeting. You can select a few times when the executive is available to start and create a meeting poll between the participants and share the link over email.

When every participant votes on their preferences, and if a consensus if found, FreeBusy would automatically schedule a meeting at that time. It can even auto-add a new web-conference session as the location and share the invite to every participant.

Effort needed: Just setup the initial poll and let participants vote on the preferences.

Scenario 3: You want to minimize the amount of no-shows at the last minute before the meeting

FreeBusy allows you to setup multiple reminders for every meeting that gets scheduled with FreeBusy. These reminders can also be sent out as a text message if the participant opts-in for it.

You could thus let FreeBusy send out a reminder 1 day in advance as well as 4-6 hours in advance. The reminder gives the participant an opportunity to reach out a couple of hours before the meeting avoiding last minute cancellations.

Effort needed: One time setup. FreeBusy automatically sends out reminder for every meeting

And these are just very few examples where you can use FreeBusy to automate scheduling for your boss and save ~1-2 hours everyday.

Start getting more work done right from day 1