Using Outlook you can send multiple time options to people, try to find time to meet multiple people, schedule meeting with internal and external people, schedule meeting with people outside your organization etc.

Install and activate Outlook Add-in

Here is link to install Outlook add-in (This is one time process)

And here is link of help article that explains how you can access Outlook add-in on multiple platforms.

Here are some capabilities of Outlook add-in that can help you:

Share your availability with Outlook Add-in

You can share personalized link to your availability for a type of meeting using Outlook add-in right from your Outlook so people can quickly schedule meeting with you.

Share your availability right from your Outlook Add-in
Using FreeBusy Outlook Add-in, you can easily send your availability link or send multiple time options to your clients, customer, partners, external parties or candidates. Outlook add-in also helps you schedule meetings internally with your colleagues by showing you common times when you all are av…

Find time to schedule meeting among 2 or more people with meeting poll.

Finding time to meet with inside and outside parties can be difficult and you can end up doing back and forth emails. For example, if you want to schedule board meeting or group meeting, you can use this feature. You can also schedule group meetings using this feature.

How to create a meeting poll to find time for meeting among group of 2 or more people?
Using FreeBusy Chrome Extension or Outlook Add-in you can easily find time to meeting among group of 2 or more people. Install Outlook Add-in and access it on Outlook Guide to Install Chrome extension and access it Supported browsers for FreeBusy Chrome Extension: Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft E…

Offer multiple times for meeting

Using FreeBusy you can also send multiple time options to your clients/outside parties etc.

How to offer multiple times for meeting?
Using Outlook add-in or Chrome extension you can offer multiple times for meeting. After you have installed Outlook add-in or Chrome Extension and know how to access them, you can follow these steps to offer multiple times. Step 1: Add your guest as participant or in “To” line of email.