FreeBusy booking page can read specific URL parameters from the link to auto-fill participant details during the appointment booking process. This parameters are:

  • To auto-fill email: participant_email
  • To auto-fill name: participant_name

So let's see the workflow to personalize the booking experience for links shared as part of a MailChimp email campaign.

  1. Copy the booking page link that you want to use in the email template for the campaign

  2. Paste the link in your email template body as it makes it easier to add URL parameters with Merge tags we need.


  1. Add the following at the end of the URL: ?participant_email=


  1. Click on Merge Tags and select Email Address


  1. Next extend the URL with: &participant_name= and select the First Name Merge tag


  1. Add %20 and select the Last Name as the Merge tag. (%20 is used for spaces)


  1. As a final step you can copy/cut the link and insert it as a hyperlink for the text in your email campaign.

And that's how your email template gets the link that would offer a personalized scheduling experience to all the recipients of your email campaign.