Use this guide to setup your Appointment Booking System.

Connect calendars, update work hours and connect web conferencing service

This is one time setup.

  1. Connect all your calendars.
  2. Update your work hours.
  3. Connect your web conferecing service.

Schedule a meeting

Go to appointment booking, click on "copy booking page link" and open it in your browser to experience how your guest would schedule meeting with you. If you need help click here to learn how to do it.

Edit your preferences for appointment types

You can edit your preferences such as duration, available times for meeting and location by clicking on "Edit Appointment Type" on respective Appointment Type.

Update the duration.

Update your available times for an appointment.

Update the meeting location.

Share your availability right from your email

  1. Share your availability right from your Outlook : Link to article
  2. Share your availability right from Gmail(or any other email client) using Chrome Extension: Link to article