Business travel is picking up post Covid. Sales and marketing teams have started participating in conferences and trade shows across the country.

But as you or your team travels from one city to another, the changing time zones make it difficult to use scheduling tools to share availability and get meetings scheduled with leads and clients ahead of time. At least that was the case until today!

FreeBusy now lets you preset the time zone that should be used for showing host's availability for a particular Appointment Type.

Here is an example of how to make the most out of this feature.
Let's say you are travelling to London (from California) for business between July 5th and 9th and you want to meet some customers and catch up with some friends during your stay in London.

Here is how you can use FreeBusy to plan your trip ahead of time.

  1. Create= a new Appointment Type: Meetup in London

  2. Click on "Change Hours" and on right side see the option "Limit availability for specific date range" set the dates for your trip say, July 5th to July 9th

  3. Select the option to change the timezone for the Appointment Type to London time zone

That's it. You can now share the link to this Appointment Type with your customers and friends to plan and schedule meetings for the upcoming trip.