The 'Scheduler' for Salesforce is a powerful add-on from FreeBusy that brings the ease and speed of automated scheduling within Salesforce. Designed specially for Salesforce users, it eliminates a lot of hassles to help you connect with prospects and customers 10x faster.

1. Expedite your Sales cycle

The Scheduler allows you to quickly check your real-time availability as you are following up with a lead or a prospect. It automatically adds the Contact that is open as a meeting participant and lets you schedule a meeting at one of the preferred times right away.

If you'd rather let the prospect pick the best time that works for them, the Scheduler even lets you suggest a few times and share a personalized scheduling link with a click of a button.

When a meeting is scheduled, it automatically gets added to the Salesforce Calendar as an event and is also logged in as an activity within the record.

2. Improve Customer Satisfaction and NPS score

The Scheduler allows your support team to quickly check availability of support executives as a team and schedule a meeting right away. You can also have an automated round-robin distribution for assigning the meeting.

To take it a step further, the Scheduler can also allow someone in the team to schedule on behalf of other team members. They can check the other teammate's availability and broker a meeting between the customer and the teammate. You can make it pretty easy for a back-office support team and a field team to work in tandem

If the Scheduler is accessed while working on a Case, the meeting generated is automatically related back to the Case and added as an activity within the case.  

3. Track Campaign success with attribution on scheduled meetings

As a marketeer, you can use the Campaign details such as Campaign name or the Campaign ID as the UTM Campaign tracker with the FreeBusy links. So the next time anyone of your Contact schedules a meeting through these links, it not only gets recorded within the Contact's activity but also has the Campaign attributed with the scheduled event.

And it is very easy to setup to. You can read more about the two ways of attribution and the steps to achieve the same from here

There are several other features that make it easy for you to reschedule or cancel an event, conduct and manage polls to find the best time to meet, set reminder workflows, defined meeting locations, etc., all without leaving your Salesforce workspace.

If you are a Salesforce user and want to give this powerful 'Scheduler' a try, start right away.