Salesforce is used by millions of professionals working across 150,000 businesses around the world. One of the primary reason for its wide-scale adoption is it acts as the information powerhouse within your organization. And that is why people often spend their major part of the day working within the Salesforce realm.

So would it not be extremely useful to be able to send an appointment booking link to leads/customers and get scheduled meetings right into the Salesforce contact, all from within Salesforce itself?

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But I am sure you would have several questions before you decide to try a Scheduler for Salesforce. So, here are the 5 most frequently asked questions to help you plan and manage your schedule from Salesforce.

1. Does Salesforce have a Meeting Scheduler?

Yes, Salesforce offers a scheduling tool called Salesforce Scheduler but it was formerly called Lightning Scheduler. It is available at an extra cost in Lightning experience and requires Enterprise / Unlimited or Performance Editions.

But since it has a few limitations and needs a lot of effort and setup to get started, we launched FreeBusy Scheduler for Salesforce.

a. Requires Minimal Setup (no need of a Salesforce admin or permissions)
b. Works with any edition (no limitation around your Salesforce plans)
c. 80% more cost effective (starts at $4/month vs. $25/month for a user)

2. What does Salesforce Scheduler do?

Salesforce Scheduler helps you simplify appointment scheduling so as to be able to manage virtual and in-person appointments from anywhere. It gives you the tools and developer resources to create personalized experience by scheduling customer appointments with the right person at the right place and time.

3. How do I setup Salesforce Scheduler?

Setting up Salesforce Scheduler would require some time for your Salesforce Admin going through the official documentation or completing a trailhead module on Lightning Scheduler. To help you get started, we also wrote a short article listing out the primary steps as bullet points.

But if you want a much easier and simpler way to try out appointment scheduling from within Salesforce, you can get started with FreeBusy and use it's scheduler for Salesforce. It takes just 3 steps to start getting your meetings in Salesforce 10x faster.

4. Is there an alternative scheduler for Salesforce?

There are several scheduling apps that integrate with Salesforce. But they primarily help you keep your meeting activities in sync within your Salesforce records. It is good starting step but not enough if you live and breathe in Salesforce.

This is why we developed a FreeBusy Scheduler for Salesforce as an alternative to Salesforce Scheduler. It helps you:

a. Expedite your sales cycle
b. Improve customer satisfaction and NPS
c. Automate campaign attribution when a meeting is scheduled

Being a feature rich meeting scheduler for Salesforce, it can help you save a ton of time across your Salesforce workflow.

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5. Who can schedule meetings using Salesforce Scheduler?

Salesforce Scheduler can be used to schedule meetings using outbound scheduling and inbound scheduling. In both cases the Salesforce Admin needs to assign appropriate permissions for users to be able to schedule the meetings.

With the right set of permissions, someone in your team can schedule a meeting on your behalf with a lead or a contact. This is referred to as an outbound scheduling flow.  You can also setup permissions and workflow to allow authenticated external users or unauthenticated guest users to schedule a meeting using inbound scheduling.

We hope this answers help you start using automated scheduling for your workflow and save a ton of time in the process