Adoption of automated scheduling has transformed various business processes and workflows. As a result there are several scheduling tools to help you get started with automated inbound scheduling. (If you are unfamiliar with inbound scheduling, here is a short article that could be helpful).

But things are quite different when you live and breathe in Salesforce. It does not make sense to invest in a tool that only syncs the scheduled activity in your Salesforce. Instead you need a scheduler that is designed to achieve more from within your Salesforce workflows. That is why we built a FreeBusy Scheduler for Salesforce.

Get started with FreeBusy scheduler for Salesforce

Here are top 5 benefits of using a scheduler for Salesforce

  1. Control and Manage who should be assigned appointments:
    You can setup appointment types such that demo calls only get assigned to someone from a particular team of sales representatives.
  2. Ensure appointments are assigned at customer's preferred location:
    You can define the office locations where customers can meet with your team and let customers select their preferred location.
  3. Avoid having your resources double booked for appointments:
    A scheduler would look at all your calendar events while calculating availability and automatically show only the free slots.
  4. Collaborate as a team and schedule on behalf of a team mate:
    Members of the team can use outbound scheduling to see availability of other team members (resources) and schedule an appointment with the contact
  5. Design multiple scheduling workflows for different services:
    Appointment templates lets you configure key appointment parameters such as: duration, preparation and wrap-up buffers, availability timings etc.

While Salesforce Scheduler (formerly Lightning Scheduler) gives you the set of tools and resources to deliver the above benefits, there exists some important limitations which is why we decided to build a FreeBusy Scheduler for Salesforce:

1. Only works with Enterprise, Performance and Unlimited Editions
2. External calendar events may sometime not be recognized
3. Can need manual intervention during the process of scheduling
4. Needs quite a bit of time in setup from the Salesforce Admin

FreeBusy Scheduler for Salesforce gives all the above benefits and helps you overcome all the limitations. It needs

a. Requires Minimal Setup (no need of a Salesforce admin or permissions)
b. Works with any edition (no limitation around your Salesforce plans)
c. 80% more cost effective (starts at $4/month vs. $25/month for a user)

Don't take our word for it! Try it yourself