This feature is only available to customers on the Enterprise Plan.

To apply white-labeling to your FreeBusy appointment booking experience, the following assets are required:
1. Your logo (will be shown on all booking pages, email confirmations and reminders)

2. A square version of your logo to be used as an icon (will be shown to your company’s registered users when signed into FreeBusy website)

3. Your brand colors in hex code (optional, will be shown on all booking pages)

Send these assets to [email protected]

What brand colors do I need to provide?

If you choose to brand appointment booking pages with your brand colors you must supply three colors which need to work together for a pleasant and usable user experience.

Primary color

We use primary color to highlight most important elements on UI such as button, selected date, links and important labels. Follow the screenshots below to see where we use primary color.

primary color on your available days
primary color on booking form

Secondary color

Secondary color is an accent color that we use to highlight certain interactable elements. See the screenshot below to see where secondary color is applied.

Tertiary color

We use tertiary color when you over over date and time. (See the screenshot)

Your Logo in confirmation emails

We also put your logo in confirmation emails that we send out to you and your guests. See the screenshot below to see where your logo will appear.