When you have active work and personal calendar it gets hard to manage meetings because you have to constantly ensure you dont booked when you have meeting in other calendar. FreeBusy helps you with this.

Make sure you have all your work and personal calendars connected to FreeBusy: If you haven't you you can connect them using this link.

Unified Availability

When you connect all your calendars, we look at them and determine if at a time you are truly available or not. Only if you are available across all calendars, you meeting can be booked.

Create separate booking pages for Work and Personal meetings

If you book your time for both work and personal meetings it can be useful to have two one for work and another for personal appointments. This will help keep separate the times and type of appointments your offer for work and personal meetings.

How to create a booking page?
Create a booking page by clicking on “Create New Booking Page” at the end of list of booking pages.

Create appointment types within work or personal booking page for the type of meeting you wish to offer

How to create an appointment type?
Learn how to create an Appointment Type.

Share your booking page link based on type of meeting you are having with them. This way you can keep work and personal meetings separate and ensure that you are not double booked.