When you schedule meetings as a team, it becomes painful to manage the availability and distribution of meeting. Especially when you have to schedule meeting across multiple teams, multiple territories or departments.

FreeBusy makes it easier to setup booking page for this type of meetings with help of setting in Appoitment Type which allows your lead to schedule meeting when you all are available. Follow this guide to learn how to create appointment type which pools availability of your team members and distributes the meetings.

How to pool availability of my team and allow guest to schedule meeting with one of our team members?
Automatically distribute meetings among team members to allow your guest to schedule meeting when any one of you are available.

How to allow prospect to first select territory or department and then schedule meeting?

Say if you have 3 territories New York, London and Sydney and for each you have 3-4 sales executives working for each team. You want that your prospect first be able to select their location from New York, London and Sydney and then schedule meeting with sales executives. You can do that by creating 3 different appointment types in a booking page for each territory and make sales executives for each respective territory the host.