Scheduling 1:1 meeting with prospects

You can share your availability with prospects allowing them to self schedule meeting with you. This eliminates the email back and forth that you have to do to share your availability.

Share your availability to allow people to schedule a meeting with you.
You can send your availability link to quickly and easily arrange meeting with anyone.

Automatically show when you are available: If you are available for meetings on regular intervals you can use "Meeting" type appointment Type and set the schedule for meeting. We will automatically show you available based on the prefernces you set in appointment type and your calendar availability.

How to automatically show times when I am available?
Use power of FreeBusy to automatically determine times for meeting based on your calendar and preferences for meeting.

Adding the booking link into your email signature makes you easily reachable and it is quick for candidates or any other person to schedule meeting with you.

How to add scheduling links to email signature
Add link to FreeBusy in your email signature to schedule meetings faster.

Offer few times for meeting in email itself

You can also manually pick few times when you are available and insert them into your email, making it faster and easier for your prospects/contacts to select a time and schedule meeting.

How to manually select a few times for meeting?
How to manually block available times for a meeting.