Under two situations Freebusy allows you to schedule meeting on behalf of your colleague.

  1. You are your colleague's calendar delegate
  2. Your team on FreeBusy has turned on Team collaboration policy that allows anyone on team to schedule on behalf of each other

Calendar Delegate Mode

Calendar delegate mode means that in order for someone to be able to schedule on behalf of someone else in FreeBusy, they must have been designated a calendar delegate (see more info in these articles : 1. Delegate your calendar in Google Calendar or  2.Delegate your calendar in Outlook ). Almost all calendar supports delegates.

Team collaboration Mode

Here is how to turn it on:

Step 1: Go to Subscriptions and Billing and click on manage button  accociated with current subscription

Step 2: Scroll down to bottom of your team member's list. You will see an option called "Team collaboration policy"

Step 3: Select following option in Team Collaboration Policy

In the selected mode shown in screenshot, FreeBusy allows anyone within your team to schedule on behalf of each other.